Freight wagon leasing

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Freight wagons, marshalling yard from above

Freight wagon leasing

 Overcome shortfalls with ease

Depending on availability, freight wagons can be rented within Germany to overcome temporary supply shortfalls, for example. Rental agreements and operational aspects are dealt with by our freight wagon management team in Customer Service.

This is the framework you can expect when you rent available freight wagons, for example to overcome supply shortfalls:

  • Rental agreements can be concluded for periods of up to three months (extensions may be granted after review and approval). This enables us to be flexible in supplying wagons and allows us to lease out wagons that have just become available. Rent is always charged from the first day of the contractually agreed rental period (no retroactive rental charges are levied).
  • For each rental (without pre-carriage or onward carriage) a flat rate is charged for supplying the wagons to the freight transport location or track area.
  • If the lessee does not return the freight wagons on the due date, a charge shall be payable to DB Cargo for each subsequent calendar day the wagons are overdue. The amount chargeable shall be calculated in accordance with the demurrage rates set out in the document "Prices and Terms" as amended from time to time. No demurrage is payable if the party renting the wagons has made the wagons available for collection on the agreed date, but the wagons are collected after said date.
  • Freight wagons that have been ordered in accordance with a legally binding individual rental agreement may be cancelled at no charge by the ordering party no later than 10:00¬†am on the working day preceding the start of the rental period. If the order is cancelled after this time but prior to the start of the rental period, the aforementioned flat rate for supplying the wagons shall be due.

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about freight wagon leasing.

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