Wagon order

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Wagon order

 Everything is ready for you

Your desired freight wagon is available for you to order. Please place your order with the customer service team in Duisburg responsible for your departure yard.

Your rule of thumb for optimal transport: order as early as possible. It's best done by 10:00 am on the day before you want to load the wagons. To ensure that freight wagons can definitely be made available to you when you want, you should, ideally, place your order two to three days before the intended loading date. Of course, we will do everything we can to deliver on any orders you place later than that.
To ensure we can provide the perfect freight wagon for your cargo in good time, please provide the following information when ordering:

  • Required day (if applicable, start of the individual loading shifts) and time of delivery
  • Number and category of freight wagons required
  • Possible replacement wagon categories
  • Cargo type and weight of the wagon load (if applicable, number, length, weight of individual pieces)
  • Destination yard and parking space (for international transports, also include the destination country and desired routing)
  • Required method of transport

Unusual doesn't mean impossible

With our freight wagons, everything is on the table – even the unusual. For example, transports where the permissible loading gauge or the permissible load per metre are exceeded.
Please contact your account manager three weeks before the start of the desired transport for information on the special operational measures required and the specific preparations that must be made. Your account manager will inform you once the preparations are complete, and you can then place your order.
Your account manager or a member of the customer service team will also tell you about any relevant transport issues and any special requirements when loading or unloading your wagons, including issues that may arise with foreign rail freight carriers. Our loading consultancy experts at the various branches can also help if necessary.

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