Tank wagons for standard mineral oil 95 m³

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Article: Tank wagons for standard mineral oil 95 m³

We are delighted to offer you four-axle tank wagons for transporting mineral oil through our long-standing contacts with European hire companies and service providers.

Special market and product expertise is required to successfully lease tank wagons. Together with your experts, we select the right equipment and advise you on all technical details.

In doing so, we take into account both the nature of the product and the technical requirements at the loading and unloading facilities. In line with your particular requirements, we can provide you with the right freight wagon for every type of transport. We organise professional cleaning of the tank wagons from a single source.

Note: The technical data may differ slightly depending on the class.

Technical details

Loading space (m3)


Average tare weight (kg)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Smallest radius of curvature (m)


First year of delivery or year of construction of the oldest wagons at this time


Brake type

KE-GP 16"

Automatic coupler

Prepared (level 14)

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